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I do things a little differently.

When it comes to my coaching, I believe in Quality over Quantity. That is why I ONLY take on 10 one to one coaching clients at any given time. 

My Ascendant Elite. 

My coaching process is intense. This is a deep dive into old wounds, old belief patterns and a healing of my clients sacred connection to self. The Ascended level of healing. To provide the support that is required for that I keep my client circle small. 

My clients deserve my all, and so does my family. By choosing to keep a small practice and trust in Universal abundance I can show up as my BEST self in all areas of my life. 

What is an

Intuitive reading?


What happens in a reading 

This is the page you'd normally see all the benefits, investment vs. return on investment, building value ect. But I'm not into that. Told you, I like to do things differently. 

This work is worth it. It can be absolutely transformational but I'm not here to convince you. I'm here to help you lean into your own intuition. If you are ready to do this work and invest, your gut will let you know. 

If you aren't ready, that is great too! You are trusting yourself and that is what I am all about. Maybe you are new to me and my work, if so please come join my free Facebook group to start learning more and be sure to tune into my Podcast,

The Sciencey Spiritualist.


Awesome! The next step is super simple, click the button to schedule a 30 or 60 min Zoom reading.

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