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"Someday" just showed the FLOCK UP!

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A life that feels like Vacay All Day?

Not only is it's your flocking BIRTH RIGHT! You heard 1000% deserve a life that feels flamazing! One you aren't trying to escape or wish away. We were not made to just get a job, pay taxes and hope to enjoy retirement "someday."

But you already believe that. I can feel it! I know it! Because you are reading this right now!

You are

Built Different! 

Built Bold!

Built Flamazing!

You fully believe in manifesting, but the results are flocking inconsistent. I got you my lil Mingo! 

When I set out on my intentional manifesting journey 6 years ago, I had already been practicing this stuff for 4! I was fed up with a mixed bag of kinda good kinda shit. I wanted to once and for all figure out how to make it STICK! 

And that is exactly what I did!

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I did all of that BEFORE starting my business! I started exactly where I was, in circumstances that I had no flocking clue how to change. What I did was studied my lil pink tail off and applied what I learned. The Flamazing Life Academy is 100% tried and true...because I STILL DO IT!

Since that first experience 6 years ago I have gone on to manifest, a home birth, paying off 50k of debt, building my dream business & The Real Vision Board Magazine.

I could keep going but I want to talk about YOU!
Your higher self has been CALLING! 

And I know you are answering. The big vision you have, the dreams that just won't stop, all of the greatness you FEEL in your bones. That is what the Flamazing Life Academy is made to help you tap into. 

Affirmations that get actual FLOCKING RESULTS!

Learn to EMBODY your higher self...RIGHT FLOCKING NOW!

Mindset work that will get you abso-flocking-lutley hyped!  

Confidence to show up as the FLAMAZING person you are!


Ok it all sounds flocking fantastic...but what is actually involved? 

Lil Mingo get READY for an insane jam packed year!

The Flamazing Life Academy is 12 months (open enrollment year round) so whenever you fly in you get..

Access to all my Mindset trainings!
Access to all my Manifesting trainings!
Access to all my Energy Healing trainings!

Two group coaching calls per month. This means you get REAL LIFE advice on applying what you are learning with me!

A VIF ( Very Important Flamingo) Facebook Group
~ The Flamboyance ~
Which will have pop up Live Trainings from me and Guest Experts plus a Flamazing community of support! 

This is specially created for YOU to not only learn and understand your own energy...but to abso-flocking-lutley FALL IN LOVE with your life.

One year to the Flamazing Life you have been calling in.

I am so passionate about this because I live it. I've seen first hand not just in my own life but with all of my clients just how life changing this work is. You manifest your dreams fastest when you understand your personal energy signature. There are ways to learn to do this! And they are in The Flamazing Life Academy. Starting Jan 1st (when doors officially open) this program will be sold for $2222. The group calls alone are worth that! 

Fly in BEFORE Jan 1st and you get this life changing program for just $997

Who Are We
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