Manifest when you don't know 'HOW'

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

You don't need to know HOW something will happen, in order to manifest it. The first step is to allow yourself to to DREAM! Create a vision board, write down those audacious goals and take back your power from self doubt!

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Manifest when you don't know how

You want to create a vision board to manifest a great life and some cool shit. The question is how to make the dream a reality. How do you get the idea out of your head and into physical reality?

When you sit down to create your vision board, flipping through images, do you feel resistance? Maybe you won’t even let yourself dream. Almost as soon as a dream ignites, your brain (or your mother/spouse/best friend) will immediately jump into HOW will that happen? HOW could you go from where you are to where you want to be?

Phrases like, “I don’t see a way. It’s impractical. It’s selfish to want that kind of life.” begin to crop up. You start to spiral, and your new baby bunny of a dream is forever lost in the dark abyss of the reality-of-life rabbit hole.

Even after I’ve seen “impossible hows” manifest before my eyes. (Creating The Real Vision Board Magazine being one.)A new dream will come to me and my first thought is...yea but HOW??

I’ve got a secret for you. The how does not matter! Not one tiny little bit. Whatever you are dreaming of, whatever you are putting on your vision board, if you truly desire it, you can manifest it. And you don’t need to have a single clue how. I’ve read a lot...a lot a lot a lot of self help books, listened to podcasts and youtube, and read endless blogs. If you keep searching for the key to manifestation you will keep finding more of the same. In one way or another they all focus on this same message: Your higher self is bending over backwards for you to live a fulfilling life with boundless happiness and manifested dreams. Dreams so big that you surpass everything you even put on your vision board!

It’s time to stop the self sabotage. The first step in manifesting awesome dreams is HAVING awesome dreams you don’t crush to a pulp!

Fundamentally changing your mindset allows those dreams to catch some air and soar to life! My favorite techniques of rewiring the brain revolve around fun and making a game of it. These two ideas are perfect for beginners (or anyone!) to realize and imagine some wild dreams. Start small if you want, but challenge yourself to go a little ridiculous too.

The Real Vision Board Magazine sitting on top of cut outs form the Real Vision Board Magazine
Game One Vision Board

Game One : The Vision Board.

It’s tried and true and you know all about it. Probably have a couple stashed in a closet somewhere. Don’t care, make another! Grab a copy of The Real Vision Board Magazine and make it even easier! Get a group of friends, pour some wine, buy obscene amounts of glitter. Go digital and make one on pinterest. REALLY get into it and just let yourself make a VISION. What would your dream life look like? Do you even really know? If not...get dreamin’. Find images that really inspire you, find phrases, cut them all out! Arrange them in a way that looks pleasing to your eyes and once you’ve crammed it full of the amazing things you want to bring into your life...HANG IT UP! Put it somewhere you see it regularly. Get those beautiful images in front of your beautiful eyeballs on the daily. Then every time you look at it, appreciate it, think to yourself, all of this is on its way to me. It’s already part of my life, I see it every day! Focus on feeling good while you gaze upon it.

The Real Vision Board Magazine page with blank check and money affirmations.
Game Two Checks & Lotto

Game Two : The Checks & Lotto Game.

Alright time to suspend reality! You have just won the mega millions. All taxes taken out and you still have a boatload of dough, more than you could ever conceive spending in a lifetime. So, get spending! Grab an old check book (do those exist?) or make fake checks and print them out. Seriously, physically write out a check! Then write some BIG FAT CHECKS for all the things you want. Feel the excitement of it, feel the freedom of writing a huge check without financial hesitation. Write out checks for everything on your vision board! Dream big, write big checks! (You can use the blank check on page 107 of The Real Vision Board Magazine )

If you are still hanging onto shreds of HOW am I going to make this happen, I getcha. Reality is a tough cowboy to buck, but reality is exactly what we are working to change. Changing reality begins with changing mindset. These techniques might feel silly, but they are a serious step toward building the WHAT of your dreams and reframing your mindset toward it. (And silly is fun, and really a fun life is the point, right?). Have a little faith, play a couple games, and make that vision board!

But you really don’t need to worry about it. I Promise.

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