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Intentional Manifestation

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

We are ALWAYS manifesting, even if we aren't meaning to. The key to living the life you have on your Vision Board is INTENTIONAL manifesting. This small shift has huge impact.

To live the life on your vision board you need to learn intentional manifesting
Intentional Manifesting

The first step to manifesting your dreams is letting the Universe know what you want, so if you haven't already, get to making that Vision Board! The Real Vision Board Magazine makes it super easy to get creating! If you have, awesome! Let’s talk action

You’ve taken some time to visualize what you want from life. You’ve got some big dreams, and you are raring to make them happen! Maybe you’ve been trying to take action, but it hasn’t been working out. Or you’ve come to the conclusion you shouldn’t take action because the Universe will simply manifest things for you. I get it. It can be confusing. One guru says just dream and watch it happen. Another says you need to set specific goals and take action every day even if you don’t feel like it! So what's the answer? Simple...a little of both. Trusting the Universe to deliver all you want is CRUCIAL, but taking action is too! The part most people get tripped up on is the KIND of action.

From a manifesting standpoint, action needs to be soul inspired. It comes from a place of truly knowing what you want, taking the time to get in tune with your own intuition or God, and acting from that place of connectedness. Often you set a goal and then fumble around trying to make it happen. You take actions you THINK you should take. Maybe you watch what others have done, or you find a guide online that breaks it down. This can work, but a lot of the time it produces poor results or you get