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Supercharge your affirmations & vision board

You have the vision board, you have the affirmations, now learn how to make them really work for your manifesting!

Supercharge your affirmations and Vision Board. Affirmation journal
Supercharge your affirmations

If you’ve been in the positive mindset/spirituality space for any amount of time, you’ve heard someone talking about affirmations. They are an incredibly powerful tool for your manifesting and to put on your vision board, but they don’t just work like magic. This can lead people to believe they don’t work at all. I want to help you have the most powerful vision board possible, so let's dig into making affirmations actually work.

Understanding affirmations. To create a really effective affirmation practice you need to first understand how your subconscious mind works. To begin the subconscious thrives on repetition, think back to learning the ABCs and your times tables. Those are so ingrained in your mind because you created such strong neuro pathways through repetition. The difference in learning a new skill and implementing a new affirmation however, is your mind's ability to accept the new belief. The brain's job is to filter information, it pulls on past experiences, current beliefs and conditioning to decide what information is important and what to overlook. This is all happening in the subconscious, which then passes the information to the conscious mind.

When you choose an affirmation that is drastically different from your lived experience, the subconscious mind has a tendency to immediately dismiss it based on the opposing ‘evi