Supercharge your affirmations & vision board

You have the vision board, you have the affirmations, now learn how to make them really work for your manifesting!

Supercharge your affirmations and Vision Board. Affirmation journal
Supercharge your affirmations

If you’ve been in the positive mindset/spirituality space for any amount of time, you’ve heard someone talking about affirmations. They are an incredibly powerful tool for your manifesting and to put on your vision board, but they don’t just work like magic. This can lead people to believe they don’t work at all. I want to help you have the most powerful vision board possible, so let's dig into making affirmations actually work.

Understanding affirmations. To create a really effective affirmation practice you need to first understand how your subconscious mind works. To begin the subconscious thrives on repetition, think back to learning the ABCs and your times tables. Those are so ingrained in your mind because you created such strong neuro pathways through repetition. The difference in learning a new skill and implementing a new affirmation however, is your mind's ability to accept the new belief. The brain's job is to filter information, it pulls on past experiences, current beliefs and conditioning to decide what information is important and what to overlook. This is all happening in the subconscious, which then passes the information to the conscious mind.

When you choose an affirmation that is drastically different from your lived experience, the subconscious mind has a tendency to immediately dismiss it based on the opposing ‘evidence.’

Think of it as looking at the sky and calling it red, you would very quickly be met with the thought of, that's not true it is blue. Our internal belief systems are as solid FACT to our subconscious as our observable fact. The biggest difference is our internal beliefs are subjective. Most of what we believe was passed on to us through others in our very early years. We can’t even remember forming these beliefs. Yet they have been the lens through which we observe the world, building a foundation of “proof” to perpetuate themselves.

There are different techniques to circumvent this problem, the first being how you choose your affirmations. Rather than going big and claiming things that are significantly different from your current reality, choose to shift in more incremental ways. For example, you are wanting to change your relationship with money. You have debt and you are looking for financial freedom. Many people choose affirmations such as “I am debt free” or “I am a millionaire.” In both of these examples the subconscious will quickly find “evidence” of this NOT being true and you inadvertently begin to think and feel the opposite of the affirmation. Which in turn activates the vibration you were trying to avoid, the vibration of lack.

When saying “I am debt free” while you currently live the reality of having debt, your subconscious actually starts to pull up all the thoughts you have around your debt. The amount, the feelings connected with it, how long it's been around etc.. Using the word “debt” inadvertently shifts your focus onto debt, the very thing you are trying to move away from. It also has mounds of “evidence” to support the belief that you do in fact have debt and are not debt free. A shift to this kind of affirmation would be to word it as “I have financial freedom.” This can still create some subconscious resistance but it does fix the focus onto the positive.

The second example is slightly more favorable because you are using the subject that you actively want MORE of rather than less, however it is still vastly different from your current reality. Jumping from living the belief of debt, to the belief of being a millionaire is a pretty big swing. The subconscious again rejects this as not true and soon you are feeling and thinking about how far from being a millionaire you actually are. Rather than trying to jump the grand canyon, start with smaller shifts that are easier to back up.

“I am improving my relationship with money.”

That doesn’t mean you don’t have big dreams, rather it's working with your natural brain make up to achieve your goals.

Another way to bridge the gap is to use a qualifier for your affirmations.

“I am choosing to believe money is flowing to me.

“I am becoming a financially free person.”



Both of these help the subconscious accept the statement rather than label it as untrue. If it is a choice you are making, it will begin to look for evidence in support of the choice. If you are becoming, it will look for evidence of the shift. Once the subconscious can get on board with a new truth you can finally begin to reinforce the belief through repetition.

Examples of shifting affirmations :

I love myself = I am learning to love myself. Everyday I practice loving myself more. I am becoming a person who prioritizes self love.

I am financially abundant = I am consciously changing my relationship with money. I am choosing to believe money flows easily. I am always finding new ways to make money. Money is energy, energy is abundant.

Life is amazing = There are amazing moments everyday. I actively choose to focus on and find the good. Life can be wonderful and challenging. New experiences are always on the horizon.

The main thing to remember when choosing an affirmation or creating a vision board is your personal connection to it. Focus on how you feel as you say a new affirmation. Notice if you feel resistance rather than ease or excitement. The same goes for when you look at your vision board. That is just an indication of an underlying belief that is in contrast to the new belief. That is ok! You are always able to shift old beliefs and this process is helpful in discovering what beliefs you hold that no longer serve you. Sometimes all it takes is a small shift in wording to supercharge an affirmation. Place Your new affirmations on your vision board so you can practice it daily.

The Real Vision Board Magazine open on top of a Vision Board
Vision Board Magazine

At its core manifesting is just your emotional experience with the Universe. Whether it is a vision board, affirmation or something else, the emotion is the most important factor. The more aware you are of your emotional/vibrational state the easier it is to intentionally draw what you want from the quantum dimensions. You get what you match. It really is that simple, but not necessarily that easy. Affirmations are a tool to help you focus your energy, the awareness is never intended to spark feelings of brokenness or something to “fix.” You are amazing as you are right now, the reason to implement affirmations is all based on what you want MORE of in life. You don’t NEED to change, this is because you want to change. To experience something other than what you are currently experiencing. To bring all the amazing things on your vision board to life! All mindfulness and personal development work should be centered on your feeling empowered and excited. If a practice begins to feel otherwise, it is ok to ditch it!

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